Hamilton County Fair
"Better Together"

It's Fair Time!

“Better Together”

July 20th-25th, 2021

We’re back!  We are so excited about the 2021 fair.  4-H, FFA, racing, concerts (see below) and so much more!  We also welcome Scott Amusements to the midway.

Parade Entry Form

Date: Tuesday, July 20th

Entry Deadline: Sunday, July 18th

Line Up Time: 4:30 pm

Start Time: 6:00 pm

Parade Rules

  1. All licensed vehicles must be insured and have insurance cards available.
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed (before or during) parade.  Parade participants are not to have been drinking on the day of the parade.
  3. If you unload an animal, you MUST provide a pooper scooper both at line up and during parade!
  4. Do not block driveways or leave trash at your staging area!
  5. Anyone using water guns…please be courteous.  Not all people want to get wet!  Candy throwers, be cautious and courteous not to hit people.

2021 Hamilton County Fair

Parade Order

Coming Soon!

Contact us for more info

Hamilton County Fairgrounds
1200 Bluff St
P.O. Box 563
Webster City, Ia
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